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Just stocked up some napkins from Patriot Textile. Good quality and good prices. Ordering was simple, and delivery was quick.

Found them on Google. We ordered some napkins and aprons for our restaurant. Delivered on time and fast.

Their bath towels are soft and durable. The savings and wholesale prices are remarkable!

Our holiday rental business rely on their satin linens and bathroom towels. The quality upgrade has elevated our guest experience. Delivery was also quick!

Patriot Textile Supply has significantly improved our restaurant's efficiency with their dish towels and bar mops. Really like these! Nice quality

Bought a stock of tablecloths and napkins for our new restaurant opening up soon. Super nice and great quality products.

First time purchased from Patriot Textile Supply and the experience was great. The buying process was effortless, and deliveries were prompt. Highly recommend!

Reliable partner for our nursing home. Purchased some pillowcases and bed sheets. Very pleased! Will place another order soon.

Five stars! Patriot Textile Supply is a game-changer for our restaurant. Their bar mops and dish towels are durable and cost efficient. Delivery was on time

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